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4:23 a.m. - 2018-07-18
Another Another 48 Hours
48 (forty-eight) is the natural number following 47 and preceding 49. It is one third of a gross, or four dozens.

In Mathematics:

Forty-eight is the double factorial of 6, a highly composite number. Like all other multiples of 6, it is a semiperfect number. 48 is the second 17-gonal number.

48 is the smallest number with exactly ten divisors.

There are 11 solutions to the equation φ(x) = 48, namely 65, 104, 105, 112, 130, 140, 144, 156, 168, 180 and 210. This is more than any integer below 48, making 48 a highly totient number.

Since the greatest prime factor of 482 + 1 = 2305 is 461, which is clearly more than twice 48, 48 is a Størmer number.

48 is a Harshad number in base 10. It has 24, 2, 12, and 4 as factors.
In science

The atomic number of cadmium
The number of Ptolemaic constellations
The number of symmetries of a cube


Messier object M48, a magnitude 5.5 open cluster in the constellation Hydra
The New General Catalogue object NGC 48, a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda

In Religion:

The prophecies of 48 Jewish prophets and 7 prophetesses [8] were recorded in the Tanakh for posterity
According to the Mishnah, Torah wisdom is acquired via 48 ways (Pirkei Avoth 6:6)
Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, sat under a bodhi tree for 48 days attempting to understand the nature of reality.

In Music:

48 is twice the total number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music (twenty-four), not counting enharmonic equivalents. Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier is informally known as The Forty-Eight because it consists of a prelude and a fugue in each major and minor key, for a total of forty-eight pieces.
48 is a song by Sunny Day Real Estate
48 Hour Parole is a song by the Hollies
48 Crash is a song by Suzi Quatro
Formerly known as Bonehead, Familiar 48 is an alternative pop/rock band
The jam band Phish has 48 albums to date.
On the band tool’s album, Ænima, there is a song named Forty-Six & 2; the sum of which is 48.
48 Group:
AKB48 Group
SNH48 Group
48 is a song by Tyler, The Creator
Forty eight is a song by Truckfighters off their 2007 album Phi

In Sports:

48 is the number of a NASCAR car owned by Hendrick Motorsports. It is currently being driven by seven-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson.
48 is the retired number of former U.S. President Gerald Ford's jersey at the University of Michigan.
48 is the total number of minutes in a full NBA game.

In Other Fields Forty-eight may also refer to:

the code for international direct dial phone calls to Poland
the model number of the HP-48 S/SX/G/GX/G+/GII
the 48 Hour Film Project
The First 48, an American crime program, 2004-present
48 Hours is a television news program on CBS
48 Hrs., a 1982 film starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, followed by Another 48 Hrs.
Arizona is the 48th state in the Union
The 48 United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) are also referred to as the "Lower 48" or the "48 contiguous states"
'48 is an alternate history novel by James Herbert
The 48 Laws of Power is a book by Robert Greene
The number 48 in ASCII is what you add to any single digit integer to convert to its ASCII value
MAC address uses 48-bit (6-byte)
The number of the French department Lozère
a model of Harley-Davidson in the Sportster line.
In Chinese Numerology, 48 is an auspicious number meaning 'determined to prosper', or simply 'prosperity'; which is good for business.
48 is the number Mountain peaks in New Hampshire over 4000 feet above sea level, as defined by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

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